Beer Advent Calendar: Day 2


Evil Genius Naughty or Nice?

ABV: 5.7%

Reactions and Insights
This is not something I would normally like, but for whatever reason it’s hitting the spot today. It’s kind of like a coffee-flavored soda. There’s something dirty about it, like dirt from the earth dirty, not sexual dirty. I guess that’s the “naughty” part. The “nice” part is that it’s sweet. But it doesn’t hit too heavy in either direction, therefore the “or.”

Would I drink a case of it? 

OK, but would I drink a six-pack of it?
Yes, I believe I would, while watching a holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel. Except I don’t have the Hallmark Channel (or Lifetime, or ABC Family) anymore so it would be on Netflix, which would mean that I specifically chose it from a list rather than just happening to stumble upon it, so I might feel a little bad about myself. And feeling bad has nothing to do with the holidays. So I guess I have to cough up an extra $30/month for a better cable plan.

Did it contribute to my holiday spirit?
Sort of, but I was dealing with a work emergency while I drank it and ended up not really paying attention to it. And now it’s almost gone, boo hoo.

Beth’s Grade

Objective Grade

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