Beer Advent Calendar: Day 13


Yards Rye

ABV: 6.2%
Style: IPA

Reactions and Insights
I’m not big on “Rye PAs” because they’re maltier than regular IPAs. This is just fine but I just want to strip out some of the maltiness.

Would I drink a case of it? 
Nup. (I’m trying to come up with new ways to say no.)

OK, but would I drink a six-pack of it?

Did it contribute to my holiday spirit?
I’ve been trying to catch up by drinking while I work, but it just makes me sleepy and unfocused and I have to reread my emails four times to make sure I’m not leaving out words or telling anyone I love them by accident. Anyway, this one didn’t bring holiday cheer, but that’s okay — there are 11 more to go!

Beth’s Grade

Objective Grade

Label Notes
It’s nice. The word Rye is rendered like it would be in an old storybook; the letters are branches, and behind them are stalks of barley. And I like the colors. I would like to have a front door in either that shade of red or blue. But it’s not totally coming together for me, just like the beer inside. 6/10

2 thoughts on “Beer Advent Calendar: Day 13

  1. Chris says:

    I’m a little surprised by your review. I think what I like about Rye IPAs is that they are maltier. I guess regular IPAs don’t have enough malt for my tastes? Dad is a huge fan of this beer.

  2. Beth says:

    Well, I’m being overly picky in these reviews. If it were in the fridge at the shore, every third beer I’d drink would be one of these. But in general I like a very small amount of maltiness.

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