Day 1: Brooklyn Brewery Insulated Dark Lager


Style: Dark Lager
ABV: 5.6%

What I was doing while I drank it
Working. Sitting. Living the life of a person who drinks while working and sitting. A healthy and exciting life!

Reactions and Insights
I’m happy that Chris started me off with something wintry. This is a solid, cozy beer, really dark and drinkable. It’s got a little bite to it in the background, kind of like crispy burnt pizza crust.

Would I drink a case of it? 

Did it contribute to my holiday spirit?
I would like to say yes, but I’m not in the spirit yet. It certainly didn’t hurt. I’ll get there.

Beth’s Grade

Objective Grade

Label Notes
Brooklyn Brewery has a decent standard label template, and the blue and orange work nicely here. It’s a successful if uninspiring label.

Label Grade

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