Day 4: Beck’s Sapphire


Style: German Pilsner
ABV: 6.0%

What I was doing while I drank it
Finishing up my review of Prism Red Zone.

Reactions and Insights
It tastes like watery apple juice. There’s almost no carbonation. Someone on Beer Advocate says it feels “slimy,” and while I wouldn’t go quite that far, I know what he’s talking about. It seems almost everyone hates this beer.

That said, it isn’t hard to drink. It doesn’t really taste or feel like beer. I had no drive to keep sipping it… and yet I sipped.

Would I drink a case of it? 
I would not.

Okay, but would I drink a six-pack of it?
No. You wouldn’t, either.

Did it contribute to my holiday spirit?
I was IMing Chris while drinking this to complain about how bad it is, and he apologized, and I told him I actually like getting a few bad eggs in the batch. It’s entertaining to be surprised in either direction. And in some way, just getting deeper into the beer list is bringing me closer to feeling like it’s the holidays. But I don’t feel like it yet, still. Where is the magic? It’s out there.

Beth’s Grade

Objective Grade

Label Notes
My bottle was not wet like the one pictured. I’ve been trying to avoid taking my own photos this year because cutting out the backgrounds is a pain.

When I pulled it out the fridge, I said, “Oooh.” It’s a sexy bottle and label, entirely black and white but for the “crest,” a red gemstone with a somewhat cartoonish silver key overlaid on it. Chris said he bought the Sapphire because it looked like it would be good. Too bad the beer doesn’t deliver on the label’s promise.

Label Grade

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