Day 5: Leinenkugel’s Cranberry Ginger Shandy


Style: Fruit beer
ABV: 4.2%

What I was doing while I drank it
Waiting for banana muffins to finish baking. Writing a blog entry over at All Over the Place. Getting sleepy.

Reactions and Insights
I accidentally thought that Palm was for Day 5 and took it out of the fridge, thinking I’d have it with dinner. But then I noticed a 9 on the cap. When I saw this I thought I’d better save it for a non-food moment.

It’s pretty good, though! Light and not too fruity. It’s refreshing.

Would I drink a case of it? 
It’s a little too shandy for twenty-four bottles.

Okay, but would I drink a six-pack of it?
I would, but I wouldn’t buy it.

Did it contribute to my holiday spirit?
It felt the most holiday-esque so far. So yes. But I realized that I probably won’t really have holiday spirit until we get a tree.

Beth’s Grade

Objective Grade

Label Notes
It’s a busy label, with an illustrated winter scene in the background, cranberries in the foreground, a seal with a Native American in a headdress above a needlessly large logo, and a very lazy rendering of the name of the beer. I’d peg this as a mid-1990s design. There’s some comfort and charm to its mess, like a die-hard small-town restaurant that serves substandard food, but it’s a mess.

Label Grade

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Leinenkugel’s Cranberry Ginger Shandy

  1. Chris says:

    I’m surprised – I actually thought this would be the Shiner of the year. On a similar note, I almost bought the Beck’s for myself because I thought it looked so good. BACZ is always full of surprises!

      • Chris says:

        I’m not looking forward to it – I’d like to completely avoid it, but it was an entertaining post. I want you to like all the beers, but I thought that if there was a beer you wouldn’t like, this was probably going to be it.

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